Thursday 2 December 2021

International Model Railway Day

I have recently learned that 2. December is 'International Model Railway Day'. Why we need a particular day to celebrate railway modelling and why it has to be in December where everyone (well almost) in the Western World is completely engulfed in preparing Christmas I have yet to understand.

With average modelling skills a lot can be made without support from the large manufacturers of model railway equipment: Nystrup Gravel's little Lister railtractor pushing the company's old coach along the track with a worker posted as lookout. Everything created on the basis of products from very small businesses, fellow modellers and basic materials.

I like railway modelling as a pastime, but I couldn't care less if young people would rather have another time absorbing interest than small landscapes with trains on them. As long as they learn something and the interest gives them (and hopefully many others) joy in life, they might for me choose wind surfing, chicken breeding or volunteer to help social disadvantaged citizens. (The latter activity may even be preferable to railway modelling).

The only ready to run-model locomotive I own. Now it's been completely disassembled to be rebuilt as I like to have individualized models on my model railway.

Railway modelling is a hobby and some hobbies disappear as society changes. Stamp collecting is in an obvious crisis (at least here in Denmark where no one hardly ever posts a letter), pigeon racing has seen better days and railway modelling is a star that probably did shine brighter years ago. Many from my generation or older, find joy in railway modelling but it's obvious that recent generations have other interests and only a limited likelyhood of getting into railway modelling, at least while they are young.

If need be I can even manage without metal rail profiles. My first experiment with wooden rails. 

I know there is an industry depending on producing modelling equipment to make profits and clubs needing new members to run and maintain huge model railways. As I buy very little from the traditional railway modelling trade I could probably continue modelling even if Märklin or Bachmann should stop trading. Consequently I'm letting the national federation of model railway societies in Denmark, the big clubs and the trade make their contribution to railway modelling's survival as a hobby. I have a new figure to paint.

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