Sunday 22 May 2016

Finished Fence (1/35)

The fence around Pedersens Maskinforretning (Pedersen's Machine Shop) is now finished. I dug out the remaining wood to finish it during the week. The three fence modules were primed in grey primer and treated with oil paint (rust and dark brown) and a steel brush when everything was dry. A quick and pretty acceptable result. It's not exactly Marcel Ackle-standards (see his 'Feldbahn Kreuzt' diorama here), but it could be worse.
Now the fence is in place grass and bushes are beginning to spread on the module.
With the fence in place the module is beginning to look like I wanted. With Nystrup Gravel's track passing between the brick wall and main building of Banke's Bakelite and the wooden fence of the small back yard of the machine shop. A little railway making its way through a small town's industries.
While the fence is still unpainted in this shot it was basically this kind of view I set out to produce on this module. A lot of work still has to done, though.

Pedersen's Machine Shop undertook all sorts of jobs. Repairs on tractors made up a significant part of the work during certain parts of the year. Here an old Swedish made Volvo tractor with gas generator has found its way into the shop's backyard.

Friday 13 May 2016

Good Weather Modelling (1/35)

In traditional thinking the modelling season ends when temperatures rise and provides opportunities for outdoor activities. That is not the case for me. I bring a module with me outside in the sun.
Model building and barbecuing in process. 

Modules of the size I have room for and in my scale of 1:35 may have many disadvantages. Scenic potential is limited and the space available for all the things I could dream of creating will obviously always be in short supply. But on a sunny day I cherish the flexibility of  my modules. Today I had an afternoon all by myself for outdoor modelling.
As far as I got with the fences.

The fences around the back yard of the machine shop was the objective of the day's work. Unfortunately my supply of wood wasn't quite sufficient. In stead I turned my attention to prepare to install the van body on the module.
Wooden blocks as foundation for the old van. The hole is for the wires feeding the interior lights in the van.

Fixing ground cover around the van's foundations.
Surely an afternoon like this is to be counted among the most pleasant and relaxing.