Sunday 13 January 2019

Painting Traction Engine

In my last post on the traction engine I was fitting the rods and motion on top of the boiler. With that work finished the rest of the assembly was plain sailing and soon only the parts to be fitted after painted wasn't firmly attached.
The assembled traction engine with flywheel, gear levers and two protective covers for the transmission still to be fitted. Steering and brake wheel are still removable to make painting of the cab/cockpit easier.

View from above showing that there isn't much room to spare on top of the boiler. The ever troublesome vinyl tyres with seams almost impossible to remove are clearly seen.
The supply of coal and fire wood is piling up. I will add a small wooden tool box and some oil cans.
With the model finished I gave it a good covering of Chaos Black primer. After drying I airbrushed  lower firebox and smokebox  Vallejo US Air Force Dark Grey and the rest of the engine a thin covering of a home mixed dark grey (I prefer to call it light black). As the airbrush was on, I also gave lower smoke box door and ash pan some irregular spots of light rust as these areas have a tendency to burn away paint.
Detail painting has begun. I've painted the teeth of the transmission gloss black and the motion is picked out in chrome. The transmission covers are painted black and ready to be fitted once painting the transmission is done.

Pipes and equipment are being picked out in brass, copper and different greys. The rear wheels are in primer and only the front wheels remains unpainted. To the left are five frames for 1/87 two-way excavators for a project at work. 4 Liebherrs and one Atlas.
During the next few weeks I will finish painting and weathering as well as equipping the traction engine with small details like tools and personal gear belonging to the driver. I'm looking forward to that.

Monday 7 January 2019

Nystrup Gravel Equipment Sale - Part 2

Part 2 of the Nystrup Gravel sales list is now available. It is predominantly some of the road vehicles that has been roaming the roads in the vincinity of the gravel company.

1:32 scale Fordson Major tractor. Assembled, painted and weathered white metal kit from Scaledown Models. 80 €

1:32 scale Volvo T 41 tractor. Assembled, painted and weathered white metal kit from Scaledown Models. 95 €
The gas generator unit takes up all available space on one side of the Volvo T 41.
1:32 scale Ferguson tractor. Assembled, painted and weathered white metal kit from Scaledown Models. 95 €

1:32 scale Claas 'Europa' combine harvester from Universal Hobbies, weathered and fitted with extra detail. 90 €

1:35 Stalinets tracked tractor fitted with detailed resin engine. Assembled, painted and weathered. 55 €
The tracked tractor outside the loco shed. See more on this blog post.
Tamiya Citroen Avant fitted with resin gas generator and driver figure. Painted and weathered. 50 €

1:32 Austin 7 van. Resin and white metal kit with etched wheel spokes from Glenorchy Models built, painted and fitted with custom decals. 4 extra white metal tires included. Comes in protective wooden box. 85 €
The Austin van is a nice little car for even small layouts. Unfortunately Glenorchy Models seems to have stopped trading since I bought the kit.
Tamiya Simca 5 painted and equipped with luggage and small details. 45 €

Two army figures in British battledress. 20 €

Two 1950’s railway enthusiasts. Rebuilt resin figures fitted with cameras and painted. 30 €
Two enthusiasts exploring. Perhaps your layout is their next destination?
Prices are my suggestion. I’m open to suggestions and will give discount to buyers taking more than one lot. I will add shipping cost to the order. Payment by PayPal.

Send me a message on if you are interested.