Thursday 13 August 2015

Harvest Time Approaching (1/35)

In the fields around Nystrup the small farmers are busy harvesting their fields. The most progressive ones have equipped themselves with a combine harvester from German manufacturer Claas.

Cloud cover is low and rain will soon put an end to harvesting.

My combine harvester is the Universal Hobbies' Claas 'Europa' in 1:32 scale. It comes pre-assembled directly from the box. I have seen several Gauge 1 railway modellers use the combine right out of the box as a load on flat wagons. I took the time to pick out some details in contrasting colours - particularly on the engine, add a few decals and add some small details. A few spanners are placed at the driver's station and I fitted a home made broom too. The combine was given a light weathering of black oil paint and a little dust all covered with a layer of matt varnish.

Here is my home made broom. Three pieces of plastic, a little glue and some paint.

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