Friday 25 May 2018

Old Machinery in Action

On the TimeWinder vintage rally in Northern Zealand 60 km from Copenhagen I had the chance to refresh my motivation to build models of all sorts of old machinery. As if I needed more...

What's not to like? A 700 mm gauge industrial railway locomotive passing an old Ford A car at TimeWinder 2018. Why isn't any of the kit companies bringing out a Ford A in 1:35?
TimeWinder 2018 was the second time this new vintage rally was held. It is a 'break out' event from the well established Græsted vintage rally. Sometimes vintage rally organisers (like everybody else)  have their differences and in this case they decided to split up. That means we now have two vintage rallies in the same weekend only some 15 km apart. Which can't be good for any of the rallies' business.

It was my first visit to TimeWinder and it was a very plesant experience. In comparison with the old location in Græsted the TimeWinder benefits from the beautiful grounds around the old manor of Grønnessegaard. An added attraction is the manor's landing strip for small airplanes and the view over the fjord. The airstrip was base for number of old airplanes during the rally.
One of a number of very old tractors present at the rally. As a possible consequence of the split of the old rally organisation the number of tractors was considerable smaller at TimeWinder in comparison with Græsted before 2017.

Two old steam engines pausing for a brief moment. The Foden steam lorry is a charming vehicle and I will research the relevant archives for the unlikely possibility that a vehicle like it was in service around Nystrup.
The most charming views could be experienced around the rally grounds.
In the years to come I will have tough decision to make wether to visit TimeWinder or Græsted in the hunt for close encounters with old machinery. TimeWinder's best cards must be the great surroundings allowing for a land, sea and air experience, the many foreign exhibitors and the fact that they even have their own 700 mm gauge railway. Perhaps I have to visit both rallys next year?
The 700 mm. loco had a remarkably local link being built in Hundested only a few kilometers away from the rally grounds. Almost like coming home!

Monday 21 May 2018

New Doors for the Loco Shed (1/35)

Four years ago I fitted doors to the Nystrup Gravel loco shed. I fabricated them from plasticcard and profiles. Even if I made them of a laminated construction I must face that they have now taken on some odd shapes lately due to warping. Consequently I have removed them from the shed and am now about to fit a new pair.
The warped doors in terrible close up. Such croocked doors have no place on my loco shed.

With a model railway approaching its 16. birthday it is no wonder that it takes some maintenance, but I must confess being a little surprised by the doors warping so soon. Despite my surprise I set about to make two new doors from wooden stirring sticks from coffee shops and wooden profiles.

The two old doors and the new ones in progress. Size and shape more or less the same except minor improvements.

The new doors fitted with recycled brass hinges from the old ones. The new doors have been test fitted and needs only minor adjustments before painting.

Friday 11 May 2018

Finished Living Van (1/35)

With a speedy delivery of decals from 'Skilteskoven' I have finished the living van to accompany my steam roller model. My delivery from 'Skilteskoven' also contained decals for the steam roller which is now recognisable as a roller from 'Sorø Amts Vejvæsen' (Sorø County Road Departement).  Building the van has been great fun and very cheap. Every part except from the decal came ready available from my shelves and spares boxes. A new cheap item is already on its way to join the steam powered road train.
The Aveling & Porter 10 t. steam roller pulling a medium blue living van along a shiny new macadamised local road near Nystrup.

Living van uncoupled and the steam roller is now able to do some road work.
A Fordson lorry slowly passes the work site.
The living van was weathered with diluted oil paints and air brushing after the decals were fitted. A ladder was hung on the brackets on the van's right side and I added a etched brass bucket on one of the rear brackets. I suspect the two rear brackets were used for petroleum lamps during the dark hours.

A rear view of the van. For the warning text on the lower part of the door to be of any use, the steam roller driver should probably remove some of the road grime deposited there.

Front end of the van with the double doors to the cargo compartment holding oil, the most necessary spare parts, fire wood and a small supply of coal for the steam roller.

Monday 7 May 2018

Out in The Garden (1/35)

Spring has definately arrived in Denmark and I have had the first outdoor model railway afternoon.
Two steel profiles from the large locomotive jacks loaded on bogie wagon 49. In a moment the loco driver will emerge from the left side of the image, enter the loco and slowly take the small train out the right side of the picture.
I didn't get anything built, but I did som planning on the next projects and took a few images of some of my models. The weather was sunny and good and I enjoyed just watering a few plants while having a look at the module at the fence.

The closed wagon used for track maintenance resting outside the loco shed. Presumably it has had its bearings greased, usually done once a year. One of the workers' bikes are casually left against the loco shed. The doors in the shed seems to have suffered some serious warping.

The weather was splendid during the weekend where I participated in the yearly preparation of buildings and surroundings at the Hedelands vintage railway in advance of the Summer's traffic. A short break and a joke! Photo: Leif Johannsen.