Monday 7 May 2018

Out in The Garden (1/35)

Spring has definately arrived in Denmark and I have had the first outdoor model railway afternoon.
Two steel profiles from the large locomotive jacks loaded on bogie wagon 49. In a moment the loco driver will emerge from the left side of the image, enter the loco and slowly take the small train out the right side of the picture.
I didn't get anything built, but I did som planning on the next projects and took a few images of some of my models. The weather was sunny and good and I enjoyed just watering a few plants while having a look at the module at the fence.

The closed wagon used for track maintenance resting outside the loco shed. Presumably it has had its bearings greased, usually done once a year. One of the workers' bikes are casually left against the loco shed. The doors in the shed seems to have suffered some serious warping.

The weather was splendid during the weekend where I participated in the yearly preparation of buildings and surroundings at the Hedelands vintage railway in advance of the Summer's traffic. A short break and a joke! Photo: Leif Johannsen.

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