Friday 27 April 2018

Paint on Living Van (1/35)

Despite one of the most challenging distractions arriving in the post today, I managed to get the living van primed and covered with the basic colours. Having run out of my favourite primer, I used some left overs from a can of a somewhat lesser quality. Despite that the priming went well.
White primer on the van. The windows are masked with tape. Various brackets are made from copper wire and pieces of left over etched metal.
While the primer dried I leafed through the recently arrived distraction - time flies when you are having fun! I then masked off the underside of the rear door, where I plan to fit a decal warning of a slow vehicle. After readying my air brush I sprayed a layer of medium faded blue on the van and front wheel assembly. I gave the underside a thin spray with dark grey. I brush painted the rear wheels red to create a little variety.
Main colours are on my 1:35 representation of a steam roller accompanying van.
I expect decals to arrive within the next few weeks. Until then I'll  be fitting tarpaper in the shape of painted surgical tape and do some detail painting. I probably also will pick up a new project.

And what was the dangerous distractant? The Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review of course!


  1. I thought that you might like this.


  2. That is a great kit! I have the standard version of the lorry in my stash. My granddad drove a Ford A lorry equipped with a wood fired gas generator during WW2. I hope to build the kit as his lorry - complete with decals and a granddad figure.