Sunday 31 July 2011

A Humble Start

Without ever having had ambitions of blogging, the technical simplicity of getting this blog on the web has prompted me to try anyway.
Probably not much is going to happen for the next few months, as I try to come to grips with writing, design and uploading. Hopefully I will not turn more blogger than railway enthusiast and modeller in the process!
Nystrup Gravel (actually Nystrup Grus, as 'grus' means gravel in Danish) is a small company in the eastern part of Denmark that I try to create in 1:35 scale. 1:35 is a traditional scale for military models, but as the H0 gauge of 16,5 mm fits almost perfectly for 600 mm gauge in 1:35, I decided to give railway modelling in the scale a chance.
As not much space is available for my modelling I'm currently working on a few modules I can set up at home or at exhibitions. Nothing fancy - and all I do is probably very old fashioned. But I enjoy it, and that is what counts for me!