Tuesday 24 April 2018

Living Van Almost Finished (1/35)

After some slow and relaxing modelling hours the construction of the living van for my steam roller is approaching the time where I can begin priming and painting.

A test assembly of the van's main parts. With only minor details still to fit it is almost ready for primer.

Wheels were fixed on the axles and the front wheel assembly was glued together from Evergreen plastic profiles and parts from the spares box. As not much of the construction can be seen when the van is placed on a piece of road I skipped a lot of detail. Most of the work concentrated on the draw gear that I designed to be movable to allow the van to be posed coupled to a steam roller as well as parked at the road side.
Wheel sets almost ready to be added to the van's underside.

I made the roof from 1 mm grooved plasticcard formed in boiling water.  Usually I tape the plastic to a suitable solid rounded object and pour boiling water over both parts. After a few scoldings the plastic permanently takes the shape of the attached object. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any object matching the required radius. In this case I simply poured boiling water over the piece of plasticcard and formed the roof's curve by hand. A case where it helps not having too sensitive skin!
The roof being glued to the van. While the glue dries the roof is kept in place by rubber bands.

Decals for the van have been designed and ordered. When I was at it, I took the opportunity to order some for the steam roller as well (and for at future water cart). Next stage is primer.

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