Tuesday 3 April 2018

Ford A Tanker Revisited (1/35)

While the building of the living van for my steam roller is progessing a recent thread about civilian cars in 1:35 scale on a Facebook group has prompted me to dig out images from one of my old lorry conversions from 2004.

It started as a kit from Eastern Express of the Soviet copy of the Ford AA - the Gaz-AA. The tank is a shortened tank from the Italeri GMC tanker kit, which I had found at a low price on sale. The shortened tank was fitted with rows of home made rivets. I added the Italeri kit's pump housing on the lorry's left side and scratch built mudguards from plasticcard. The Shell decals are from New Zealand and I made the license plates myself. The driver figure is a mix of parts from several kits.

Almost finished with all major parts test fitted before priming and painting. The differing colours from each of the sponsor kits are clearly visible.
Ready for painting. I use kitchen aluminium foil to cover larger areas of a model to be air brushed. It is easily applied and removed and prevents any overspray.
Painted and fitted with decals. Weathering is still missing.

The lorry in action at the loco shed. Here it is seen backing along the track towards the gasoline pump behind the loco shed. New replacement skip bodies seen in the foreground. More images from the same day on this blog post.

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