Thursday, 8 March 2018

Crew Van for Steam Roller

This is a story of how the search for some parts in my spares box derailed my planned building schedule. In the spares box I noticed several sets of wheels from horse drawn wagons and guns and it ocurred to me that they wouldn't look out of place under a living van for a steam roller driver. My Aveling & Porter steam roller has been missing such a van for  many years. Now the building is in progress.
A preserved living van restored by members of the Danish Steam Roller Society. Here seen at the Hedelands Veteranbane 40 years anniversary 2017. 

Being a steam roller driver could be a lonely job. You were away from home, sometimes for weeks, while working on roadmaking. The steam roller needed attention also when not working, preparing it for the next day's work. Consequently many steam roller drivers had a little van on tow for sleeping and cooking a humble meal, as well as for storing lubricants, coal and tools.
My model of an Aveling & Porter 10 t roller built from a White metal kit from South Eastern Finecast. The model was built in 2005.
Apart from the four wheels from the spares box the rest of the van will be made from scratch. As I often do I made a quick prototype in cheap cardboard to test size and appearance.
Ultra fast prototyping solution made from cardboard. Tough 1/35 guy for size comparison.

The first plastic card have been cut and glued. The sketch can hardly be described as advanced.

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