Monday 31 August 2015

Screaming wheels and clanking coupling chains

Sunday August 30. trains of skips were added to the running of the two usual passenger trains on Hedelands Veteranbane (HVB). Beside the 16 regular departures of passenger trains a short train of five skips made several trips to Rubjerg station. Once again the old gravel pits around Hedehusene filled with the sounds of skips being propelled over narrow gauge tracks.
Petrol mechanical M 2 from 1943 racing through Brandhøj station with a train of five skips and a crew of three.
Fitting in an extra train in HVB's usual Sunday traffic is not the easiest of tasks. Everything went according to plan and all procedures were adhered to. Quite a few enthusiasts had shown up and could be seen from the train taking up positions to achieve good photos of the day's varied traffic.
M 45 (Jenbach, 1967) crossing the day's last passenger train with Da 7 (Henschel 18449/1921) on Sølund station.
From a modelling perspective the day surely provided a lot of inspiration. Having served on a 1:1 skip train makes it so much easier to attempt to recreate one at home in 1:35 scale.
Most of the crew had dressed for the occasion. Here is one of them on the platform of the train's braked skip.
Not directly inspired by the above image, this photo from Nystrup Gravel nevertheless resembles a bit..
A view over the skips as the train passes through a birch forest. A fine day!

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