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Wedensday 25 June 1952

On an ordinary day in the summer of 1952 the trains ran along the little gravel railway belonging to Nystrup Gravel. Just as they did almost every other day, year after year. This summer day in 1952 was a little different, though, as there was a photographer present.
One of the first trains of the day. Nystrup Gravel's Jung loco pulling empty skips to one of the pits in operation that day. On the hill behind the loco a cow reminds us that Denmark at the time had a large agricultural sector with more than 15 % of the workforce employed directly in farming.

A loaded train passing the water tower at the loco shed. It is a wonder that not more of the load has spilled out of the skips. The gravel must be from a rather wet part of the pit. No 3 was one of the few locos that ever carried the company's name written out in full - Nystrup Grus- og Stenindustri A/S.

Here is no 6 again. This time the loco is pushing large surplus stones to Nystrup. Once arrived there the stones would be loaded on lorries and transported away, most likely for use in harbour maintenance or costal protection. A lorry carrying what appears to be an excavator showel is just passing over the viaduct.
And despite all the normality of the day, one of Nystrup Gravel's workers was missing for the day's work. The day before he had to report at a military facility as he was called up for duty as part of the first large scale mobilisation exercise in Denmark since the war.

Cut from 'Politiken' June 25. 1952. The article mentions "for the benefit of mothers, wives and girlfriends" that the mobilized men were fed well - even detailing the menu.

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