Thursday, 9 July 2015

Vacation Projects

I have now started three weeks of vacation. Except for some house maintenance tasks nothing is scheduled - not even a trip abroad this summer. I'll be spending the vacation home and in the cottage. I suppose that will leave a little time for modelling now and then. 

I hope to be able to focus on my model of an ancient Danish built one cylinder oil engine loco picking up where I left last summer. A new Bullant from Australia is on order with a better match to the drawings than the one I fitted first.
Here is where I'm starting: painted interior and basic work on the frame. The loco body is started but needs a lot more work - including a roof. 
Having just about finished a somewhat problematic lorry build what would be more obvious than to start another? It will however not be a kit bash or a conversion but a (probably) nice and easy out of the box-build. The object is a Bedford O with a heavy load trailer made by the Czech company MMK. I only plan to add some small parts and a set of specially designed decals making it a vehicle with a clear reference to one of my railway friends.
Cleaning up parts from the two kits from MMK of a Bedford lorry and a trailer. Plenty of work!

Could I squeeze some work on my newest module in, I would be glad. I'm really looking forward to getting the track down and tested - not to mention starting on the buildings. 

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