Saturday 25 July 2015

Oil Loco 'Alpha' E 10 - Continued (1/35)

After almost a year of inactivity I finally got my project to build a model of an ancient Danish built oil engine loco going again. Shortly after having started the build, I had the luck of finding works drawings of very similar loco. The drawings made me realise I had to change the wheel base and length of the model. An extension of plastic card took care of the length last year and a new BullAnt from Australia fixed the wheel base this summer.
The wires for the decoder bursting through the door opening. The asymmetric positioning of the axles is documented by photos and adds a charming, primitive look to the model - in my eyes at least...
With the longer wheel base I had to grind out a bit more room for the wheels and flywheel. I used a mini drill to remove the offending plastic. Other than that no other modifications were needed for the new BullAnt.
Advert for a an 'Alpha' loco from Frederikshavn Jernstøberi. You had to pay extra to get drive to both axles and a two speed gear box. On the standard version there was only chain drive to one axle and one speed. Scan supplied by Nordjyllands Kystmuseum, Frederikshavn.
The loco body has now been clad in a layer of 0.1 mm. plastic card and a raised panel glued on. This is the kind of plastic building I really like, Plain work with knife and steel ruler, glue and file. Next stage will focus on the frame and buffers/couplings before moving on to roof and smaller details on the body.
Covering the upper body in thin plastic card. The method gives thin edges around the open door on the loco's left side. A raised panel on the rear wall is being held down with a generous amount of tape while the glue dries.
After sanding the surface is tested with a thin layer of paint. The paint makes it easier to see if more putty is needed to make a smooth surface. The exhaust is cut from aluminium tube. I still have to make the even larger pipe serving the radiator that worked by evaporating water from the large tank at the front.

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