Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bedford and Trailer

One of my vacation projects was the MMK resin kit of a Bedford O and heavy load trailer. I assumed it would be an easy task right out of the box. Having studied the instructions a little closer and handling the parts, I realised that the build wouldn't be as easy as I thought. Most parts are well moulded and relatively easy to separate from their mould gates. Both lorry and trailer kit lacks location points and as the instructions aren't particularly helpful it is a challenge to find out precisely where many parts go. As a single misfitting part would prompt an avalanche of faults I built the lorry kit in a different sequence than advised in the instructions.

Bedford chassis fitted with wheels. Despite lack of decent location points I managed to get all four wheels touching the ground without trouble.
The single axle trailer ready for wheels. Not too many parts for this item that is made up from primarily one huge casting.

The lorry cab is a nice casting but care must be taken when removing the flash in window and door openings. The cab interior is sparse (as it was on the original lorry). I had to substitute a steering wheel and column as the kit part was broken. Some of the parts are from etched metal and are quite nice. I'm wondering if I should leave a cab door open to show the details?

Wheels fitted to the trailer and cab interior primed.

I couldn't resist placing one of my 1:35 locomotives on the trailer. It gives new motivation to carry on building!

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