Thursday 24 January 2013

A Ferguson Has Arrived (1/35)

After some pleasant modelling I have finished my first model in 2013 - a white metal kit of the Ferguson TEA-20. It is finished as a rather newly imported machine and consequently only lightly weathered.
Waiting for the next task. An almost new TEA-20 having recently arrived from the United Kingdom.

Assembly done and ready for priming.  Bonnet and steering wheel is not glued in place. The wheels have been primed already in an effort to contain the soft vinyl and prevent splitting and/or melting.
Primed and ready for the characteristic 'Ferguson grey'. The bonnet sits all wrong. It will need some sanding and physical persuasion to fit properly.
Ferguson grey applied and details painted. Weathering of wheels started.
My Ferguson grey was mixed from several Vallejo greys and a bit brown and some gloss varnish was added to the mix.The wheels were weathered with heavily thinned paints and pastel chalk.

If you have any interest in Ferguson tractors I would recommend you to have a read on the blog 'ploughmyfield' This post in particular shows what has happened to the size of agricultural machinery in less than 40 years! And if you thought that models of the Ferguson is a recent thing see Danish toy manufacturer LEGO's Ferguson models from the 1950's.

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