Wednesday 30 January 2013

Gaps between modules (1/35)

On a small module you are literally always standing close to the edge. Even more so in a relatively large scale as 1:35. How a module is designed, how the track runs across it and how buildings and trees are arranged all contribute to how obvious the connections between the modules are.

When my modules are set up my primary visual concern is to disguise the narrow gap between them. I have tried to hide the gaps with grass and shrubbery. But having grass every 80 cm will end up being far too obvious.

My newest module - the one with the bridge over a small stream - is for the next few years the end of the line. The left end of the module is designed to enable a connection to be made to the only other established industrial railway in the scale range 1:35-1:32 in Denmark. My friend's modules are not of the exact same profile as mine and to help disguise that the module is finished off with a wooden fence, grass and shrubbery.
A tiny piece of fence. Should I be able to build a bit of the bakelite factory in the future it will be hiding behind a brick wall. The wooden fence was almost completely levelled by one of the factory's lorries in 1942 and replaced with a more sturdy wall. On the nearer side of the track shrubbery will facilitate a smooth transition to the next module.
My 1:35 fence is supposed to be surrounding the bakelite factory 'Bankes Bakelit'. The fence is made from wood and quite simple. Just like a real fence. The lettering on the fence is hand painted after the letters were marked out in pencil. Not as difficult as I thought.


  1. Hi Claus,
    What are you using to create your track? Work on the Jung continues. I am looking at using "Coosa" board to put my layout on.

  2. Hi Pete
    I build my track from code 100 rail, homemade sleepers from poplar wood and small spikes (actually nails made for ship building with extremely badly centered nail heads). In the future I will probably use Micro Mark micro spikes. I am planning to get some of James Coldicot's steel sleepers as well to be used on a future module. See them on

    Glad to hear about the progress on your Jung. No progress on mine.

    Best regards, Claus