Friday 15 February 2013

Progress on the Opel Kapitän (1/35)

The progress on the Opel Kapitän has been slow due to my expectations of trouble with the assembly of the upper body. Recently I saw a very nice model of a Kapitän on the military modelling site Missing Links and was assured the model could be finished. With motivation regained I set out to finish my model. 
Door parts in abundance awaiting painting, weathering, glazing and assembly. Female passenger test fitted in the rear seat. Decals fitted to the dash board. 

I decided to prepare all interior parts including painting and weathering before I close up the car. I have also spent some time planning the sequence of assembly. With most of the parts ready and having a plan I'm looking forward to test it.

Inspired by the Opel model on Missing Link I will keep the left rear door open and fit a passenger. I picked the female figure from Nemrod's set with two figures for the Citroen Traction Avant. It is not a set seen often in shops. I bought my set from Blast Models in Paris.
The male driver in the set gets most of the attention on the image on the package. The female passenger is barely visible through the wind screen.
Interior finished and figure fitted. Right side doors glued in place. Car ready for left side and roof.
Next up is the dreaded final assembly and painting. The car will be painted mahogany with chrome lining, trim and bumpers.

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  1. Greetings from Canada!
    Thanks Claus. Very much enjoyed my visit to Nystrup Gravel. Great moddel building.