Wednesday 21 May 2014

Blue Simca (1/35)

My considerations as to colour ended with the Simca being painted a medium blue (a 50/50 mix of Vallejo 'Light Sea Blue' 71089 and 'Steel Blue' 71087). The wheels were painted 'Golden Yellow' 948 and the hub caps sprayed chrome. The green paint has been reserved for another car currently on its way from Brazil (my first resin kit from Brazil!).

I fitted a suitcase from Plus Models in the car's open trunk. Plus Models have a large selection of good quality detail parts in 1:35. They may be a little pricey, but you don't need many parts to fit out a scene in 1:35.

My finished Simca 5 parked next to the track at Nystrup Gravel's loco shed. The sun is shining and the canvas roof has been rolled back to give its owner some fresh air. Despite being a pre-war car the paint has held up well. Probably helped by the fact that the car was in storage for the war's duration.
Besides the suitcase and a small bag on the passenger seat, I only added license plate decals. Otherwise the little car is straight out of the box. While I assembled the kit in no time, painting took quite some time. The process of priming and air brushing cover paint and varnish is time consuming. Especially on an open topped vehicle where you have to mask the interior carefully to avoid over spray. Everything worked out OK. Only when fitting the last windscreen wiper I had an accident. The wiper flew out of the pliers and landed on the bonnet. Unfortunately the wiper had a drop of CA glue on, and it fastened to the bonnet instantly. I had to wrestle the wiper off and repair the paint.

The Simca belonging to the accountant of  Nystrup Gravel has now been joined by the director's Opel Kapitän. Important matters must be going on in the shed! The Opel needed the open rear door glued on again - this time I strengthened the assembly with a piece of brass wire. 
The model I'm currently having on my workbench is anything but out of the box. A one cylinder oil engine locomotive - Nystrup Gravel's first loco with an internal combustion engine. And I must be getting those doors for the loco shed done as well!

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