Tuesday 6 May 2014

Cushman Scooter Visits Nystrup (1/35)

I got the sidecar fitted to the scooter without too much trouble. As I stated in the last post on the scooter there are some quite flimsy parts to be joined. Otherwise the kit is like other 1:35 kits from Plus Models I have built: well moulded, detailed and with a good fit.

I airbrushed the scooter Vallejo Model Air 'Fire Red' (71084). I fitted the Gulf decals from the kit's decal sheet. The Gulf-logo is that used by the oil company between 1936 and 1960, although I don't know if there ever was a Cushman scooter in service with Gulf markings in Denmark. In Nystrup the scooter is used to supply small quantities of motor oil and grease to local companies and farmers.
I am not so familiar with 1950's traffic regulations that I know if the scooter needs a license plate. If someone knows, please let me know by leaving a comment. The brake cable looked nice and thin before painting. Now I think it looks more like a compressed air hose...

Parked in the far end of the small parking area at the loco shed at Nystrup Gravel. The scooter driver is probably handing over the usual amount of lubricants to the workers there. Perhaps he'll be offered a beer behind the shed?
On my workbench now is the Tamiya Simca 5, a Danish one cylinder oil engine loco and doors for the loco shed. I have put off the task of fitting doors for far too long. Now the time has come!

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