Monday 21 April 2014

Along the line in Nystrup

This blog has brought me in contact with the granddaughter of Torleif Petersen, the Nystrup Gravel shop manager for many years. She has most friendly scanned and sent me a few pictures her grandad took in the early 1980's when he apparently walked the old Nystrup line some years after the last piece of track was lifted. Below is one of them.

The photo shows where, after having passed Nystrup's small industrial district, the line is making its way between houses and cottages before reaching more open land again and arriving at the sorting facilities and lorry ramp.
There is not much room between the walls here for a railway. Nevertheless Nystrup Gravel's 600 mm. line ran here for more than70 years. Even today the passageway is used by pedestrians. The photo is probably shot with a Kodak 'Instamatic'. The colour balance is somewhat off, but unless kept well many colour photos will eventually degrade. The 'Instamatic' was well known in Denmark and the camera I shot my first railway photos with. I even remember my first motif: a Danish state railways MH shunting Coop's siding complex in Glostrup outside Copenhagen. Read more (if not everything) about the 'Instamatic' here.

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