Thursday 17 April 2014

Classic Scooter (1/35)

A while ago I was charmed by a little resin kit of a classic American scooter. The Plus Models' kit of a Cushman Autoglide (I think it is a model 32) with sidecar. The kit is made up of rather fiddly resin parts with some flash to remove. Probably not a kit for the most ham fisted among modellers. A build review can be found on the military modelling site Armorama.

When assembling my kit I just follwed the instructions. I had to cut part of the rear wheel off to make it fit its mounting. I probably glued the little engine a fraction too far back on the frame, so not necessarily a fault of the kit.

The Cushman Autoglide before fitting of sidecar. The molested rear wheel can be seen. My new brand of CA-glue can be seen as well. After having tested several brands I have now found a good working glue that suits my needs.

A wide variety of Cushman models were available. During the world war the company even made an air droppable version for the US Army.
As an added benefit the building of the scooter also brought back the etched plates for my Schöma. How they ended in the box with the scooter I ought to know, but don't. Not surprisingly I found the old plates after having ordered and fixed new plates to the loco. If you have a 1:35 loco in need of etched plates I'm sure I can offer a nice price for the set of four plates. Leave a comment if you are interested. See the plates here and the new plates on my loco.

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