Wednesday 28 May 2014

Loco Shed Doors (1/35)

While I had my stash of plasticard on the workbench to build the model of Nystrup's first IC loco, I also started the doors for the loco shed. Should have done that years ago. Now I have laminated two sheets of Evergreen's grooved plasticard and made the pieces fit in the door opening. I'm now in the process of trimming the doors to enable them to open (the have to clear the ground in front of the shed).

While making two small doors out of plasticard surely isn't a huge accomplishment, I'm pretty happy with it, as I have finally pulled myself together to get the job started. Other projects that I have been more drawn towards have overtaken the doors' place on my to do-list for several years.
Test fitting doors in the loco shed. After trimming I will fit framing on the doors' rear side. That should give the doors some stability and a more prototypically look when they are displayed open.
When the doors are in place I will also replace some of the lighting in the shed and add further lights out doors. The welding light module I have had laying about for years will be fitted too.

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