Tuesday 10 June 2014

Kits from Brazil (1/35)

Tomorrow the World Cup in football (or soccer to Americans) kicks off in Brazil. I probably won't see many of the matches as I'm more into cycling. I will probably be having a little Brazilian flavour to my summer anyway.

Last week I received a package from Brazil containing parts for two road vehicle projects I'm about to start. The resin parts are home cast by Fabio Melo whom I got in contact through Marcos Serra, a talented Brazilian military modeller with a fancy for odd and unusual military prototypes. No usual Panther tanks or half tracks from Marcos. Two of Marcos' projects caught my attention and fortunately Fabio was able to provide resin castings to get me started. The mouldings are rough and will need a lot of work with files and sanding sticks. But they will eventually make unique models to fit into the Nystrup universe.

Two resin castings from Brazil. The amount of flash is clearly visible. The Ford 3000 van is a complete kit with chassis and wheels, while the double cab is a replacement part for the ICM-kit of a Ford G917T.
Enjoy Marcos Serra's models of the two lorries here:


I understand that Brazilians play football very well and may even end up winning the tournament. I sure know they grow some good coffee. At work I drink my coffee from a classic enamel cup - decorated with the Simca brand.  A fitting companion to my recently finished Simca car.

My Simca cup. In the background you can see a cast iron gearbox lid from a Danish built Titan lathe that I use as a letter press. Not that there is much paper to be kept from flying around in Danish public administration anymore.

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