Friday 27 June 2014

Holiday Modelling (1/35)

Before vacations there are always some last minute things to take care of at work. Nystrup Gravel is no different. The loco shed has been cleaned out and the floor swept thoroughly. Now the spoils are ready to be taken to the company's refuse dump in one of the old gravel pits.

With its engine idling the Sala loco no. 3 waits outside the shed. The Hudson skip has been loaded with floor sweepings and garbage. Now the little train only needs the workers to finish their beers before it can depart for the refuse dump. The workers at Nystrup Gravel enjoyed the luxury of a complete shut down of the company for two weeks, where all staff - blue as well as white collar - were given paid vacation.

As usual I will try not to miss out on the chance to do a little modelling while on vacation. The last few years I have begun special vacation projects - most of them taking a lot more time than the vacation could provide. This year I simply carry on the projects I have on my workbench.
The oil engine loco is slowly progressing. The basic shape of the body being built of 0.75 mm. plasticard will be covered with a 'skin' of thin plasticard. Thus the door opening will receive its proper (smaller) size. Hopefully the loco will develop further the next few weeks.
The body of a Frederikshavn-loco during shunting at HVB earlier this month. The frame is not original. The body's different panels have reacted different to the elements and would represent an interesting weathering task in model. My model will not be weathered to this extreme degree, I'll promise! 

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