Sunday 21 November 2021

Layout Developing

During the summer a lot of small tasks on my little layout has brought it to a stage, where I can actually begin to image how it may look once finished and fitted with a photographic backdrop and relief building. 5-10 minutes of work a few evenings a week sums up over time.

June 2020: with intermediate Peco SM32 Code 200 track, woodwork in progress and brick shed test fitted.

November 2021: handbuilt Code 143 track finished, fascia painted and the most basic of basic ground cover in place. Loading ramp still in progress.

With 1/19 scale being considerably larger than 1/35 I have found that my old methods (particularly when it comes to landscaping) aren't always working in the larger scale. Most grass mats haven't the height for other than well kept lawns, my carefully sieved ballast is too fine and almost any modelled item has to have texture to appear realistic. There is constantly something I have to do differently or a need to explore a new product. It naturally tends to slow down progress, but the need for designing new solutions is good fun and what I looked for when I decided to move up in scale. Despite the need for some investments, the scale change hasn't worked out expensive. Probably because I do a lot af things myself and aren't looking to aquire expensive live steam locos or large amounts of rolling stock.

Here in Denmark its is as unprofitable as ever running a 16 mm scale industrial line. Fortunately the domestic supporting structure for the little line is doing well. The future for Nystrup Gravel is looking bright and prosperous despite the line's utter lack of any reasonable income.

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