Saturday 25 December 2021

Railway Enthusiast With Camera

Continuing the covid-19 modelling frenzy with a new figure after the recently finished Nystrup Gravel worker with oil can, I picked up one of the railway enthusiasts with cameras from Modelu. I chose the figure 1673 'Photographer with Leica Mk 2' as it is an immensely charming figure with several 'nerdy' features that are stereotypically attributed to 'train spotters'; pullover, shirt and unkempt hair as well as an expensive camera out of reach for the average citizen in the 1950's Denmark. 

Unpainted railway enthusiast photographing Nystrup Gravel's locomotive no. 3 in the yard at Nystrup.

The figure from Modelu is one of the best that I have laid eyes and hands on so far. The details and features of the 3D-printed figure are fine and as the Leica is obscuring most of the face, the usual soft facial detail isn't a problem. I only had to sand a few problematic spots (probably 'sprue' from the printing proces) and repair the camera strap that had broken in two places. I repaired the strap with Micro Kristal Klear that readily produces short a 'string' from one attachment point to another when applied with a wooden toothpick. When the Kristal Klear had dried the 'strings' were reinforced with AC-glue. I also discovered a few annoying depressions on top of the figure's head. Probably they are effects from the printing, too. They were filled with modelling putty and worked with a scalpel blade to resemble the surrounding hair. After a wash in hot water the figure is now ready for priming.

"Hold the position, please"
Apart from modelling and careful visits to other areas of the house to say hello to the rest of the family I had a nice walk in the lovely cold weather. Near my house some new hills have recently been made from surplus earth from the new Greater Copenhagen Light Rail (a project I participated in winning as tender coordinator). The hills give a good vantage point for watching trains on the main line between Copenhagen and Roskilde.

An ET 4-unit from operator DSB in the sparse snow seen from the newly established 'Hyldager Bakker'.

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