Wednesday 29 December 2021

Pioneering Railway Enthusiast Visiting Nystrup

The many photographs of Nystrup Gravel that can't be traced back to the chief mechanic Thorleif Petersen are from two major sources. Local newspapers visited the gravel works regularly due to the company's modern PR strategy of open dialogue and transparency. In addition some of the early pioneers among Danish railway enthusiasts fortunately picked the line for repeated visits, despite the fact that industrial lines weren't high on the agenda for most enthusiasts. A couple of days ago I began the work on this particular enthusiast and he is now ready to see line side service.

My interpretation of an energetic early 1950's industrial railway enthusiast based on a Modelu 3D-printed figure in 1/19 scale. This shot reminds me that I have a most pressing task of getting some of my background photographs fitted to foamboard panels and placed up against the wall.

Contrary to the rather drab workers and mechanics employed by Nystrup Gravel the visiting enthusiast is in colourful clothes and recently shined shoes. He certainly isn't dressed in the practical outdoor clothing like some of today's enthusiasts on field work. That he is in fact relaxing, enjoying his hobby, is nevertheless clearly seen as he isn't wearing a tie and has most informally unbuttoned his shirt's top button. Unusually he isn't wearing a hat either.

Keeping his Leica IIf steady and waiting for the right moment to press the shutter release button.

After priming the figure with 'Chaos Black' I painted it with Vallejo acrylic paints. As usual I have tried to work with matt, satin and gloss paints and varnish to give an impression of the different surfaces on the figure. Matt for clothing, satin for skin and gloss for camera and the shiny brown shoes.

An accompanying enthusiast has sacrified a piece of valuable film for an image of his fellow photographer at the loading ramp in Nystrup. The photo is from the collection of Thorleif Petersen. Perhaps I will one day be able to identify the enthusiast?

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