Friday 10 December 2021

Static Grass Applicator

My early Christmas gift from myself arrived from Germany the other day. A dark plastic suitcase with a static grass applicator to allow me finally getting grass to grow on my Nystrup Gravel layout. 

Click, click, the suitcase opens and reveal its contents.

After having watched a number of youtube videos with more or less credible hosts presenting static grass applicators - some homemade and some aquired from manufacturers, I decided to buy a RTS GREENKEEPER of the 55 kV model. To have something to experiment with I bought the Christmas sale starter set as it, beside what usually comes with a kV 55, added 3 bags of grass fibres, glue and an extra container in the suitcase.

A sturdy plastic suitcase protects the gadget and will be useful for storing some of the associated materials.

A 55 kV applicator may seem like overkill considering my very small layout and the limited amount of grassy areas I have room for. Some modellers will probably find the investment outrageously large and build themselves an applicator from a 3 € fly swatter. I'm not that talented and with the 55 kV I should be well equipped for applying the long grass fibres I need in 1/19 scale. And who knows if I one day will have more area to cover with grass? I hope the coming holidays will provide time for testing the new machine before I dare to deploy the gadget over the barren ground of my little layout.

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