Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Building interior and adding ground cover

In a slow and steady pace I manage to finish stage after stage on the road to a finished bakelite factory module. Even in the current unfinished state some nice views can be had.
Early evening in June in front of Banke's Bakelite in Nystrup. The Cushman scooter from the local oil depot seems strangely deserted. Where's the driver?

Recently the ground floor interior in the bakelite factory has reached a level where I can call it finished. More detail can definitely be added, but I question the benefit. The view across the module and through the windows allows only little to be seen.
With the building lifted off, the ground floor interior can be seen. Cooker and chair from Plus Models, bucket from Tamiya, bench from left over parts from a laser cut Daniel Caso coach kit, two coke bags from Wespe Models and a home made table. A Paulo Modellbau stove is positioned out of sight in the corner of the right room. All very basic, as not much can be seen through the windows.

Across the tracks from the bakelite factory a little 'truck stop' is developing. Not a fancy thing serving meals or coffee, but a simple gravelled area where lorry drivers can stretch their legs while waiting to take their lorries down the road to Nystrup Gravel's loading site.
The parking area during construction. The large stones make sure no lorry accidentally reverses out on the railway line. I picked up the stones in my drive way and had them glued down in less than two minutes. Oh, and the factory building has had its laser cut windows installed. Now a roof is urgently needed!
To avoid too much littering the city council has deployed two garbage bins for the lorry drivers. One seems to have suffered terminally from a close encounter with a lorry. Both bins are in resin from Plus Models.
I now plan to let the module work rest while I finish the Commer tractor. First I have to clear the work table, though. Does it sound familiar?

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