Sunday 5 June 2016

Trainspotting West of Copenhagen

After four weeks of splendid summer weather I thought it appropriate with a day of trainspotting from my bicycle. I visited my own vintage railway HVB. It's nice to be able to enjoy the railway as a turist now and then rather than work on track or train.
Nice weather, calm horses and a narrow gauge train in the distance. What's not to like?
I followed the two trains in service up and down the line on my bicycle. Now and then I had to really work the pedals to reach my chosen photo location before the train. A good way of combining trainspotting and exercise.
Diesel electric M 24 at a road crossing. 

Da 7 starting after having met M 24 and its train on Brandhøj station.
Having spent a few hours in Hedeland I turned my bike east to visit the second narrow gauge railway on the day's programme. I had heard rumours of Nystrup Gravel running extras despite it being both Sunday and Constitution Day as a large order for gravel had to be met.

Having flung my bicycle on the slope I barely managed to capture Nystrup Gravel's Fowler pushing a long train of skips east to one of the pits. The late afternoon sun casting long and annoying shadows.

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