Tuesday 21 June 2016

Speeder on an Evening Run (1/35)

At this time of year the summer evenings are long and it isn't dark until half past 10. This evening the weather was particularly nice and I took a few pictures of Nystrup Gravel's speeder as it made a trip on the gravel line.
It's past 10 and the speeder heads West and approaches the bridge over Little Stream. The purpose of the trip was unknown.

Passing Little Stream on the way to Nystrup. Nice and sunny weather has almost dried out the stream.

An hour later the speeder heads home. In a few moments it will pass the loco shed in the woods. The setting sun still leaving a bit of light on the horizon.
Not many of Nystrup Gravel's locomotives were fitted with lights so very few trains were run during the dark hours.

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