Friday 1 July 2016

An Opel Bus for Nystrup (1/35)

The town of Nystrup had no standard gauge railway to provide transport for inhabitants and companies. The nearest railway station was situated in the town of Skovby 8 km. away. Most people in Nystrup used the bus route to Skovby as few had their own car. The bus route had two small buses built on a Ford AA lorry chassis and a large Opel reknown for its soft suspension.

Lately two 1:35 scale kits of buses have been released. Apart from the Ukrainian company Roden's Opel Blitz, Miniart (also from Ukraine) has done a Soviet GAZ bus. I was in some doubts as to which of them I should choose, but the Roden kit won out in the end.

I'm basically just building the kit out of the box without any additions apart from some minor home made details here and there.I'm getting some help from this build blog on a military modelling website.
The bus' chassis finished. Some modellers take a lot of trouble detailing engine and chassis on all their models. I'm only adding parts and detail that can be seen. I've left of most parts on the engine as I will build this model with a closed bonnet.
The floor of the bus completely hides the chassis when seen from normal viewing angles.

So far I have been somewhat surprised by the amount of flash on many of the parts. This is my first Roden kit so I have no idea if they are all like this or if I have just been unlucky. I plan to fit the bus with a driver and a few passengers. I will probably have to build the driver myself. Sitting passengers will have to be bought. I already have a standing passenger from MK35. Decals will be designed and specially made to have prototypically correct text and markings on the bus.

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