Tuesday 12 July 2016

Bussing Around (1/35)

As a result of some quiet vacation modelling my Opel bus is progressing well. The floor was finished with the use of Evergreen profiles and a little piece of plastic card embossed as tread plate. I glued the bonnet, front mud guards and the front part of the cabin to the chassis and floor. There were a few issues with the fit, but I managed to get everything lined up reasonable well. I've read that the real challenge begins with sides and roof...
Ready for primer. Until now a pleasant build despite some flash on some of the parts.

I couldn't resist taping roof and rear panel together to get an idea of the size of the bus. It is a large vehicle in 1:35 scale.
I had a big task with the many seats as each had four attachment points to be cleaned up. I primed them with 'Corax White' from Citadel while Vallejo Air provided the covering colour of mahogany. The floor is also painted with Vallejo Air: 'US Air Force Dark Grey'. Both seats and floor still needs weathering.
Test fitting the seats. It turned out I could have saved the work on two seats. They are surplus to requirement but will be kept in the spares box for future use.
A major task ahead of me is now planning how to prime, paint and fit the sides of the cabin and have the roof removable. To fit a few passengers at a later time the roof will have to remain at least temporarily detachable. A smaller task is detailing the dash board and driver's seat. I also have to get started on designing the decals and considering the colours of the bus. Maybe dark orange and green with a silver roof?

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  1. So far, so good, Claus!!! Civilian Bus??? She'll be a beauty ... Continue steadfast and keep us informed !!!! Hugs, my friend!!!