Tuesday 3 September 2019

Inspiration - No Bicycling!

With access to a large number of images from Danish industrial railways I'm flooded with scenes, structures and vehicles begging to be modelled. Currently I'm looking for inspiration for my future 16 mm scale module. In that proces I stumbled over an image from Vindø Brickworks.
No bicycling! As if any sane cyclist would want to cycle uphill into a clay pit? No matter what the image is full of character and atmosphere. I'm quite sure I will try to incorporate a model of the sign on a post near the track on my model. Photo: IBK archive.

Vindø Brickworks is one of the few surviving Danish brickworks. Founded around 1850 it is today a modern fully automatic brick factory with a production of 25 mio bricks a year.
Aerial photo of Vindø Brickworks 1946. A lovely Fordson 7V is visible just where the ramp meets the white building in the upper right corner of the image. The ramp took the narrow gauge track onto the 1. floor of the building where clay was tipped for mixing and homogenisation. Image nks_04499 in the Royal Danish Library.
The brickworks' narrow gauge line was rather short, but ran through a beautiful wooded area close to the fjord. On the aerial image from 1954 below there seems to be a building halfway between the brickworks and the clay pit. Probably a dry storage building for loaded trains of skips.
Thanks to the Royal Air Force photo mission in May 1954 we can see Denmark from above in 42.700 images. Here Vindø Brickworks and clay pit.
A long story just to help remind myselt that I must remember to include the sign in my planning of my coming 16 mm scale module.


  1. Very cool Claus. The sign is a great idea to add to your model scene. That track work looks like my feeble attempt at hand laying rail.

  2. In that case you are both a good observer of reality and great modeller! It takes skill to represent that type of track. I'm actually planning to make some track panels exclusively from wood. They were typically used in the peat industry. The Lister may be light enough to run on wooden rails.