Monday 30 September 2019

Petrol Pump and Brick Shed

For my future small 16 mm scale indoor module I'm currently testing out some structures to get a feeling of how much space they will occupy. As with everything in 16 mm scale there is a lot of structure in even a tiny little brick shed. That's both the great thing about the scale and the challenge it poses. Particularly as I plan on beginning my 16 mm adventure indoor.

The small brick shed is a resin kit from Kippo Models named 'plate layer's hut' found on eBay. While the scale is presented as 1/22 it doesn't seem to pose any practical problems when placed next to rail and road vehicles or figures in 16 mm scale. The brick shed is the first building I assemble in the scale. Needless to say the assembly proces takes up quite some space on my modestly sized workbench.
The front casting and one of the sides. The castings are surprisingly flat. I had expected them to be prone to warping due to their size, but perhaps the thickness helps them stay in shape. The mortar courses are probably a little thin in this scale.
Rear wall segment and a side test fitted together with a piece of masking tape. The finger joins takes quite a lot of sanding to fit. I hope the final result isn't affected too much.

The model is fitted with a slate roof. Slate roofs are not uncommon in Denmark, but slate was never used on humble sheds like this one. I will be fitting the brick shed with a wooden roof covered in tarpaper.

I don't know if a petrol pump is large enough to be called a structure. But I can't imagine having a layout without a charming fuel pump. I don't know if this Pennzoil pump from Hong Kong manufacturer Yat Ming will remain for long on my layout. It depends if I succeed detailing it sufficiently. The pump is a pre-assembled 1/18 model of metal and plastic. While some of the pump's parts are very nice, others are over-simplified and the chrome plating does nothing to hide it.

Petrol pump, brick shed and figure.

A quick way of identifying old gas pumps. From the website of producer of aluminum gangways and loading racks. 
While I carry on assembly of the brick shed I will see if I can make some minor alterations to the petrol pump. More will follow here shortly.

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