Sunday 25 August 2019

Nystrup's Lister Finished

With a servicable Lister available I only had to perform a mild weathering job on the loco before I could call my first loco project in 16 mm scale complete. As I had decided not to fit a canvas to block the view from the back of the bonnet, I began by painting the electrical equipment and wires matt black. If they can be seen by anyone, they will now appear more like parts of the engine. To the untrained eye at least! The battery sides were also covered with matt black.
Nystrup Gravel no. 3 on a solo trip on a section of the line with light rail.

The little locomotive then received a rather standard light weathering with scratches applied with a very fine brush, oil washings, acrylic paints and graphite powder covered with a layer of matt varnish. Dust was then added with air brush and chalk powders, a bit more oil wash and a final light covering with matt varnish. Wet oil spots were lightly represented with gloss varnish.

Apart from finishing the Lister model I found a letter from the company that Nystrup Gravel bought the Lister from. I will scan the letter as it is interesting and shows that Nystrup Gravel was quite lucky in acquiring locos and rolling stock.
I added home made coupling chains both front and rear. Standard chain with lengths of equal size just doesn't look like prototype coupling chain.

A rear view shows how little of the electrical equipment and wires is visible under the bonnet.

Lister coupled to a short train of skips ready to a trip to the gravel pits. Perhaps an urgent order for foundry sand needs to be filled. Usually the Lister didn't pull regular gravel trains as it wasn't strong enough.


  1. Nicely done Claus.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your next project... Regards Ernst

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Pete and Ernst. I hope not to disappoint any of your expectations.

  4. Hi Claus

    As always: Nice job!

    Kind regards

  5. Tolle Arbeit sehr gut ...