Saturday 1 June 2019

RC in a Lister

Even if the I P Engineering Lister isn't a fine scale model and the bonnet is a bit too large, I have been struggling to find room for battery and RC equipment. As the RC receiver finally arrived after a long wait, it was a bit too large for the location I had planned for it.
Hollow figure fitted on seat box giving me a chance to hide the RC receiver.
I had originally planned for the receiver to be fitted in the seat box, but the length of a RCT-Rx65c was too large to fit in the box. Remembering that large scale Modelu figures are printed hollow, I figured that the receiver could be fitted half way into the figure.

Having made the figure's bottom fit comparatively tightly to the seat box's removable lid, I glued the figure solidly to the lid with AC glue. With the glue dry, I took off the lid incl. figure and carved a rectangular opening through seat and the figure's bottom. Almost the entire receiver fits inside the figure.
Some parts for the loco are now finished and I have even primed the bonnet. The figure is patiently waiting for the AC-glue to harden.

Off with the lid on the box and an opening was quickly carved with my Dremel.

The figure almost swallows up an entire receiver. The wires will be held in the seat box and connected to battery and motor through a hole in the floor.
I'm currently picking up courage to solder up a test of the RC equipment and find out if I can assemble the circuitry and make it work before I pack it all away underneath the loco. As it is my first RC 16 mm scale loco I have no previous experience to rely on.


  1. Hi Clause. The Rx65 is quite big. If you want something smaller there are plenty to choose from. I can help you with selection if you wish.

  2. Hi Rod. Nice to be able to draw on your experience. As the Lister really is an experiment I think I'll keep the current receiver for it. I have two locos planned for the future. Both of them larger and with plenty of room for hiding RC equipment.