Wednesday 5 June 2019

Veterinary's Station Wagon

Things are progressing on the 16 mm scale Nystrup Gravel. Now one of my car models is finished. Considering the small amount of work, the car project has taken ages to finish. I had set out to finish the Renault Juvaquatre model 1951 station wagon as a veterinary's car and tone down the model's shiny appearance a bit.
The finished Renault having just pulled into the side of the road between Nystrup and Skovby.

The model was taken apart by removing three screws. Carefully removing the upper bodywork I gained access to the interior and the underside of the mudguards. The engine bay was airbrushed with a few light passes with dark grey to tone the colourful engine down somewhat. I finished the engine area with applying a wash with heavily diluted oil paints. The underside of the bonnet received a very light spray of dark grey and matt varnish.

I air brushed matt varnish on the lower parts of the car and the underside of the mudguards. That took away the worst shine of the chromed parts. Next followed very careful dust effects with light earth colours.
The Renault taken apart. Rear bumper and license plate separated to ease painting and adding decal. Blanket from copper foil and two boxes to be added in the cargo area.

Blanket and boxes painted and fitted in the rear of the car. The boxes are leftovers from a 1:35 scale military kit.

The front license plate was too narrow and a piece of plasticcard was copied after the rear license plate. Both parts were painted black and prepared with gloss varnish. The decals were supplied by my usual supplier 'Skilteskoven'. Only this time I have changed the design of the decals. To ease application of the decals they now only include letter and numbers. The license plate itself will rely on a coat of black or yellow paint to achieve the correct background colour for white or black letter and number. The plates were glued to the car with AC glue. A light wash with black oil paint on windscreen wipers and rear morrior my first car for Nystrup Gravel in 16 mm scale was finished. More will follow!

The Renault is a large, sturdy vehicle with ample room for some stowage in the rear compartment.

The opening doors leave a rather well detailed interior to be seen.

The finished stowage for the veterinary. I failed to find details on the design of the small extra license plate carried by veterinary's vehicles. If info shows up, I will add the plate later.

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