Sunday, 2 June 2019

Serious Blog Interruption

More than a month has passed without posting. Work and my daughter moving to her own apartement has kept me busy. Consequently modelling has suffered. I now have only one teenager left in the house and a spare bed room. I wonder what to do with that...

On a few occasions I have been out of the office to visit work sites on the railway. One of the visits took me to an impressive yellow machine 'Katharina die Grosse', a ballast and subballast cleaning and replacement machine. Coupled with wagons it stretched for more than 800 m in length - something quite different from tiny narrow gauge railways. Here are a few photos:

'Katharina die Grosse' is a Spitzke operated Plasser & Theurer RPM-RS-900. The machine was in Denmark to support a track work contract carried out by the company I work for.

A train of MFS-100 wagons being loaded with gravel to supply 'Katharina' with gravel for the subgrade.
A nice day at the office, at least when the weather turns out splendid.
At different sites on the line other tasks were carried out by machines of a more modest size. Here a standard two-way Liebherr excavator digs out bad soil before a new subgrade from gravel is built into the dam.

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