Monday 17 June 2019

New Car for Director Holm

Following the work on the veterinary's Renault, I took to fixing the overly large license plates on Nystrup Gravel's director Holm's fancy Auto Union 1000 S. Exept for the work involved in changing the license plates I only added a folded newspaper on the passenger seat and adding a little weathering to tires and underside.
The Nystrup Gravel director's 1000 S parked at the road side. Director Holm is most likely on his way home from a visit to the gravel pits and out in the field gathering flowers for his wife.

The 1/18 Revell model is held together with six small screws. I carefully removed the screws, keeping them safely in a small box. The model separates into three major subassemblies: chassis, interior and upper body. To remove the large license plates I had to detatch front and rear bumpers from the upper body. The bumpers were not difficult to remove, but I took care not to break them in the process. Once separated I cut and sanded the plastic bumper castings, removing the license plates completely.
The 1000 S disassembled. Both bumpers have ther license plate castings removed and sanded smooth.
I kept upper body and interior together as I only needed to place a newspaper on the passenger seat. That wasn't hard to do through the open door. The bumpers were primed black and when dry given an air brushing with Vallejo Air 'Chrome'. Plastic card license plates were cut and sanded, primed and gloss varnished before decals were fitted.
Ready for the final layer of gloss varnish. 

As the Auto Union 1000 S is a 1958 model I searched for a period newspaper to put on the passenger seat. Although I model Nystrup Gravel in a summer setting, I couldn't resist printing the frontpage of 'Berlingske Tidende' 28. March 1958 with news of a dramatic tram accident in Copenhagen. 'Berlingske Tidende' was, and is today, the major national conservative newspaper in Denmark. A fitting read for a business man like director Holm. I 'beefed' up the printed front page with several pages of blank paper to make the paper appear thick. Necessary in a scale like 1/19.
A tram derailed and crashed down from a viaduct right next to a train, narrowly missing hitting the Hamburg-Copenhagen express. Fortunately resulting in only light injuries to the tram passengers.

Sleek lines in the evening sun.

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