Tuesday 9 July 2019

More Skips

My fleet of skips (all 2 of them!) has been doubled. I have finished 2 further Hudson skips from Binnie Engineering kits. As my first 2 kits I also fitted the new ones with the strengthening steel band on top of the tipping body. I modelled the bands well damaged on the two new skips and left a torn and curled up piece sticking up. I assume the piece sticking up will be torn off  after having seen service for a time.
Four Hudson skips in Nystrup Gravel ownership. From left no. 2 and 4 are new (easily distinguishable by the wrong placement of lubricating plug on the axle boxes).
As with the last batch of skips they were easily built and small details added. Continuing last summer's out door modelling trend, the major part of building took place in the garden. Painting and weathering was executed in the same way as with the first two skips I built last year.
Saturday evening in June 2019. Modelling and sipping whisky in the garden.

Both new skips ready for primer, paint and weathering. I have acquired standard Peco 32 mm gauge flex track panels.

I will be trying a new method for adding worn metal effects. A can of powdered graphite.

In stead of applying worn metal effects in the skip bucket with a soft pencil, I have picked up the left overs from a can of graphite from the vintage railway I volunteer on. The powder will hopefully allow me to reproduce the worn insides of the skips better than with a pencil. Stay tuned for the results.

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