Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Auto Union Sports Car

Looking out for cheap cars in 1:18 on ebay has resulted in the arrival of an Auto Union 1000 S - a sports car with a 55 hp two stroke engine and a top speed of 130 km/h. The model came out in 1958 and its relative modest price and size seemed to be a good fit for a small business man's sports car in rural Nystrup. It could be Nystrup Gravel director Holm's replacement for his pre-war Opel Kapitain. His daughter having moved to Copenhagen to go to university, he could now manage with a sligthly smaller car.

My model is a Revell 1:18 die cast model with two opening front doors, opening bonnet and detailed engine. Once again a boxless bargain at 20 € . This car has obviously been in a collection in a smoker's home. After some careful removing of dust it has consequently spent 14 days in one of my sheds and is now practically free from the odeur of old tobacco. I have used the same trick with second hand books.

When I get around to it, the car will have Danish license plates, minor weathering and perhaps the rear license plate will have to be replaced? It looks enormous.

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