Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Tempo Hanseat

On my old 1:35 scale Nystrup Gravel I had some rather good looking lorries made from kits and kit conversions. In 16 mm scale the variety when it comes to lorries is markedly smaller - to put it mildly. Unless you want modern tractor units there is practically nothing exept a few horrendously expensive Mercedes and Opels in 1:18 scale. By more or less coincidence I was lucky to find a Tempo Hanseat three wheel lorry on ebay and to win the auction quite cheaply for a closing price of 22 €. The model has now arrived and I have handled and examined it, finding it good value.
The Tempo Hanseat unwrapped and photographed in my garden. I had to superglue one hubcab centre in place, having separated from the wheel during transport from the former owner in Germany. 
The Tempo Hanseat is an example of 'tax evasion engineering'. In Germany in the late 1920's cars not having four wheels were exempt from taxes and the driver didn't even have to have a license. Consequently several makers offered 3 wheeled delivery lorries to small businesses. One of those manufacturers was Vidal & Sohn offering 3 wheeled vehicles in several sizes and even a small 4 wheel van under the trademark 'Tempo'.
Dark blue Hanseat outside a Tempo sales room in Hamburg, 1949. Image from this online article on the Tempo history.

The front wheel can be turned a little for some dynamic posing. Here it is pointing straight ahead. 

The bonnet opens as on the prototype, revealing a simple model of the lorry's 12.5 hp 400 ccm engine. Most prominent in this view is the radiator and petrol tank.
The model is the 1:18 scale Minichamps 1952 version of a Tempo Hanseat with the high load area. The vehicle has a removable tarpaulin roof of a medium decent quality. I will probably be using my Hanseat without it, as I plan to put the vehicle into service of a local craftsman. I will fit license plates and decals, tools and building supplies in the rear as well as adding a little weathering.
The high tarpaulin cover makes the Hanseat loose its sleek and 'racy' lines.
And how, may one ask, could I be fortunate enough to buy this nice model for 60-80 € less than the usual price on ebay? It didn't have a box. Without a box these car models aren't worth much on the collectors' market. Once I'm finished 'mistreating' it with decals and weathering the model's value will have gone completely. For a collector, that is.

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