Monday, 15 April 2019

Figure For Lister

Progress on my Lister continues. I have fitted switch and charging socket under the bonnet and wires have been soldered on ready for conneting to RC reciever unit and battery. An open topped loco, the Lister has to have a driver installed and I have been wondering what figure to choose. I wasn't particularly satisfied with my first 16 mm scale figure from Modelu, but I finally decided to order another Modelu figure anyway.
Printed in black plastic the figure is being tested in place on my Lister. It is hard to see much detail on the figure due to the black plastic, but the level of detail is identical to my first Modelu figure.

Some of the wires under the bonnet can just be seen from this angle. Oil and petrol tanks are glued to a plastic bracket over the electric installation. The hood can be lifted off to gain access to the electric equipment.
The figure is Modelu's figure no. 1408 'Seated Workman'. I liked the sort of indifferent gazing of the figure. Just how I imagine one would feel running a slow moving Lister back and forth on a short industrial line all day long week after week. I'm now in the proces of adjusting the figure's rear end to fit the seat box - itself to be built now in plastic card to replace the foam board prototype.

I have also built a new brake column as the kit's original looked quite undersized and flimsy when compared with drawings. The new one was made from a piece of plastic turned with a file in a drill. A base plate from plastic was fitted with four bolt heads and glued to the bottom of the column. The top was fitted with two rings made from solder wire and the original hand wheel fitted.
The kit's original brake column next to the home  made version.
More news about seat box and plastic surgery to the figure in a coming post. Hopefully I will also be able to report that the RC equipment have arrived. A considerable amount of time has passed since I ordered the items and although a patient soul I am increasingly growing tired of waiting.

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