Sunday 29 January 2017

Langeland Narrow Gauge (1/35)

As I mentioned last week a few of my sacks with foundry sand had been sent to Langeland. On the island of Langeland a small machine shop was a regular user of Multisand. From the SG station a narrow gauge railway took the sand to the works. I have been fortunate to receive some images from Langeland showing just such a transport.

A narrow gauge train at the small halt Broløkke. The railway usually carried firewood. In the background a short standard gauge goods train. Photo: Arne Nielsen.
Loco driver Valde Marsen during some shunting at Broløkke. Notice the difference in size between the small Henschel DG26 and the brand new Danish State Railway's type Mh shunting engine. A lonely spectator apparently finds the narrow gauge railway the most interesting. Sacks of Multisand can be seen in the 3 plank open wagon. Photo: Arne Nielsen.
Crossing the large road between Pløresø and Arnborg. The crossing was a dangerous place and I hope the bicyclist will be able to avoid crashing into the little train. Besides foundry sand to the machine shop the train carries cement and tarpaper. Photo: Arne Nielsen.

En route the train stops at a siding to unload cement and tarpaper at a construction site. The row of new houses being built can be seen in the background. Notice the level of detail: There are mushrooms under the pine trees! Photo: Arne Nielsen.
Here's one of the sand trains at Nystrup Gravel. While the foundry sand was a profitable product, the deposits of sand were limited. By far the most usual train on the line was a train of skips loaded with gravel.

Despite modelling in a scale and theme not shared by many I'm lucky to have a few good friends modelling in 1:32/1:35 I can cooperate with. We send each other tips and share parts when we can. Most important we provide inspiration to each other and I benefit greatly by being 'pushed' to the modelling bench when I see the progress done by my friends. I have shared images from Arne's narrow gauge railway before. You can see more on this site from time to time, but be warned: most of it is Gauge 1, 1:32 and standard gauge!

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