Friday, 6 January 2017

Scrap Behind the Loco Shed

In december I wrote that one of the drop down side doors from the flat bogie wagons resided behind the shed. Some readers could think that was just a story I had made up to avoid fixing doors to the wagons. While I can't say that such a suspicion is completely unfounded I can at least show evidence of a door from one of the Hudson wagons leaning against the side of the loco shed.
On other modellers' layouts I always try to identify from which kits the scrap originates. I hope to have made my scrap collection almost unidentifiable.

Right from when I started the loco shed module it was my intention to have a collection of scrap behind the shed. Over the years I have added a piece or two just as it happens in reality. The last few years hasn't seen any old iron added so when I built the two Hudson wagons I took the trouble to solder up one door, paint, weather and place it behind the shed. As I see it no loco shed on an industrial narrow gauge railway would be complete without this type of clutter. And what better way to use some of the extra parts most modellers collect over the years?

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  1. What a great use of leftovers Claus! Your realistic level of detailing seems perfectly in balance with the rest of your scenery. Thanks for sharing!