Tuesday, 7 February 2017

New Photo of my Grandad

In Denmark the majority of national and local archives are gradually making their collections available online. That makes it much easier to find interesting stuff. Recently a new photo of my granddad has come to light. I have shown images of him and his loco before.

Grandad on a JWE-loco with gas generator. The train is photographed on Orebo brick work's clay pit with three skips. This new image is the first I have seen where the gas generator installation is clearly visible from the rear. The original cast steel rear buffer was moved to the front, but it seems the ability to couple skips to the loco's rear end was retained. Image: Lokalhistorisk Arkiv og Forening i Allerød Kommune. Crop of download from arkiv.dk

The photo belongs to a local historical archive in Allerød north of Copenhagen. The archive has captioned the photo as coming from Allerød brick works. Allerød is almost 100 km. north of Orebo where my grandad worked during the 1940’s. The good people at the archive can’t be expected to be experts on industrial narrow gauge internal combustion locomotives, so the miscaption probably isn’t that surprising. 

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