Friday 17 February 2017

Smoking Man With Tie (1/35)

The postman brought me a package the other day. A 1:35 scale figure of a smoking man made by the company of Balaton Modell, Hungary. It's a pleasure to discover yet another nice figure to populate my little layout. Particularly as the model has a nice slightly overweight look to it.
Although labelled as 'Smoking men, 1930-1945' (in plural) there is only one figure in the ziplock pack. The figure has not been cleaned up in the photo.

While the figure according to the label is placed in the World War 2 time frame I can see a great likeness to some of the friendly taxi drivers of Moscow, Kaunas and Budapest that have helped me get from place to place. No matter what, I'll get him to fit in around Nystrup! Only very little flash will have to be removed before the figure is ready for primer and painting.

Balaton Modell has a lot of other interesting civilian kits in 1:35. Just think of a East German Barkas B 1000 or a IFA W50 - or the Soviet buldozer DT-74.


  1. years ago, Model Railroader magazine had a gimmick article for a "smoking man" i piece of firer optic was routed from the cigarette, through the figure and into the tabletop. light source was a slow moving motorized acetate disc with red, orange, and grey paint and a bulb underneath. as the disc turned, the cigarette end of the fiber optic would change color representing an puff.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I might try to replicate it, although I'm by no means a wizzard of electronics.